Dr. O’Donnell’s research program focuses on the genetic and genomic epidemiology of cardiometabolic diseases and other chronic aging related diseases, as well as ideal health. His research has been published in the highest impact journals in medicine and genetics and he has contributed to the discovery of hundreds of genetic variants underlying coronary heart disease, subclinical atherosclerosis of the carotid and coronary arteries, and major risk factors including hyperlipidemia and hypertension.  He has served as a scientific director or Executive Committee member of several of the largest current or recent genomic studies and consortia, including the NHLBI Framingham Heart Study, the NHLBI SHARe GWAS program, the VA Million Veteran Program and the All of Us Research Program. He is co-investigator in the American Heart Association One Brave Idea Program.  He has an extensive track record of training over 80 early and mid-career investigators.