Associate Director, CGM, PhD in Biomedical Sciences Required

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GENERAL SUMMARY/ OVERVIEW STATEMENT:  Summarize the nature and level of work performed.

The Center for Genomic Medicine (CGM) of Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) is seeking an Associate Director (AsD), to oversee the strategic vision and scientific initiatives of one of the largest and most diverse hubs of genomics research in the field. The CGM encompasses 46 faculty and more than 400 scientific and administrative staff, and trainees from across the MGH, Harvard Medical School, and Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard communities. The AsD will oversee all scientific initiatives, faculty development, faculty committees, and operations in a thriving research environment engaged in activities spanning the spectrum of genomic medicine research, therapeutic development, genetic diagnostics, clinical trials, and patient-care. The candidate will receive direction from the CGM Director and work in partnership with the CGM Administrative Director (AD). The candidate must possess outstanding leadership and communication skills, exemplary interpersonal skills, and a deep understanding of biomedical sciences. The CGM is a highly interactive environment that spans diverse scientific disciplines, departments, and institutions, and the candidate will be required to oversee strategic planning, communications, oversight of project management, supervision of CGM research, and implementation of key initiatives. The AsD will be capable of carrying out the day-to-day operations of the CGM and execute strategic initiatives that will enhance the mission of the Center. The candidate will also work directly with MGH senior administrative leadership and philanthropic development to support all CGM research-related activities. The AsD should display a high degree of initiative and independent judgment to continually assess and direct a wide range of CGM issues including research operations and space management, talent retention and recruitment, marketing and communication, project development, and the creation of CGM statistics, newsletters, and annual reports. In addition, the AsD must have the capabilities to represent the CGM broadly across international academic institutions and funding bodies, as well as to collaborate closely with MGH, Harvard Medical School and Broad Institute leadership.


Strategic Planning and Program Development

  1. Work closely with CGM Director and faculty to develop and implement strategic initiatives to enhance the mission of the Center.
  2. Work closely with the MGH Senior AD and the CGM AD to oversee all CGM operations.
  3. Oversee all CGM administrative communications and social media outreach to the scientific community to advance the strategic initiatives of the CGM.
  4. Under the direction of the Director and the center faculty, develop genomic medicine demonstration projects that align with the Center’s strategic plan and help execute these projects.
  5. Investigate, plan, and oversee all faculty committees and scientific cores within the CGM.
  6. Maintain strategic planning that can be used for philanthropic development.
  7. Oversight and management of faculty recruitment processes.

Operational/Financial/Grant Management Responsibilities

  1. Responsible for oversight of academic and research operations within the CGM, including training programs, research development, faculty affairs, and departmental communications.
  2. Work with the CGM Director and AD to assure that administrative structures adequately support the CGM mission and provide support to the AD as needed.
  3. Work with CGM staff to maintain internal and external communications (website, social media)
  4. Coordinate with the development, preparation, and distribution of research-related CGM communications.
  5. Works with Sr. and CGM ADs to prepare annual operating and capital budget as related to research requests and to coordinate input at the CGM faculty level.
  6. Work with faculty and other stakeholders to assess key issues and develop regular forums for communicating changes and seek participation when applicable.
  7. Work with leadership to develop an annual report showcasing important accomplishments, financial performance, strategic planning efforts, quality and safety statistics and other relevant data.
  8. Develop mechanisms to continually monitor growth and progress of the Center. Direct groups and set expectations as needed to ensure accountability and full center participation.
  9. Coordinates with Sr. and CGM ADs to support all human resources, space, and facilities operations.

Other Responsibilities

  1. Interface with administrative and scientific leadership across MGH, Harvard, and Broad Institute Departments, Programs, Centers, and Units to advance the scientific and philanthropic missions of the CGM.


  1. Ph.D. in biomedical sciences required.
  2. Minimum of 3-5 years of post-PhD experience in scientific training or administration;
  3. Extensive supervisory, leadership, and program management experience strongly preferred.
  4. Communication is critical. The candidate must be a clear and effective communicator with excellent English written and presentation skills.
  5. Strong interpersonal skills are essential. Ability to build strong working relationships, to foster collaboration, and to work across complex institutional structures.
  6. A successful candidate must have excellent organization and time management skills with the ability to meet rapidly evolving deadlines and effectively multitask are required.


  1. Communication: Outstanding communication skills – oral, written, and preparation of scientific materials are critical to successfully carry out the goals of this role.
  2. Time Management: Exceptional organizational skills and ability to organize time and priorities effectively, asking for direction when appropriate. Flexibility to handle multiple tasks and deadline pressures.
  3. Collaboration: Ability to effectively collaborate across MGH, Harvard Medical School and Broad Institute communities to carry out the day-to-day operations and enhance the mission of the CGM.
  4. Personnel Management: Ability to skillfully handle sensitive issues with respect to confidentiality, abiding by institutional guidelines. Ability to recruit, train, support, and supervise staff.
  5. Professional knowledge: Extensive knowledge regarding research financial, operational, business planning and project management, grant and laboratory management, sponsor and institutional guidelines and requirements.
  6. Leadership: Ability to set strategic plans, anticipate challenges, resolve conflicts, and lead our administrative and support teams to advance the scientific vision of the CGM.
  7. Integrity: The candidate must demonstrate forthrightness and integrity, and capacity to appreciate diverse constituents, communicate effectively, sell ideas, and take ownership and responsibility for activities.
  8. Fiscal Responsibility: Ability to oversee financial and analytical skills, including ability to develop and monitor budgets, grants, and contracts.  Ability to ensure timely submission of projects and budgets.
  9. Discretion and Confidentiality:  Ability to handle sensitive and confidential matters discreetly and to ensure confidentiality guidelines are maintained by staff.
  10. Analytical Skills:  Ability to conceptualize and conduct complex analysis (financial and operational).
  11. Critical Thinking/Decision Making:  Ability to appropriately evaluate all aspects of a situation and to independently make appropriate and timely decisions.
  12. Interpersonal/communication:  Excellent interpersonal/communications skills and a good command of English language, including medical and scientific terminology.
  13. Information Systems/Technology Skills:  Exceptional computer skills (including operating systems, word processing, database, electronic mail, Internet, and spreadsheets).
  14. Safety/Compliance:  General knowledge in all aspects of laboratory safety and ability to ensure a safe environment for laboratory staff and subjects.
  15. Compliance: Is knowledgeable and compliant in all hospital, State and Federal regulatory requirements, including hospital policy and procedures (where applicable to the performance of the job).


Normal office conditions and remote work.  May be required to attend meetings outside of regularly scheduled hours.


Indirectly oversee ~15-20 CGM administrative staff, core managers, and lab managers, as well as ~400 faculty, trainees, staff, and administration within individual laboratories and across affiliated departments and institutions.


Responsible for supporting the AD and Finance Manager in the oversight and management of research and sundry funds totaling approximately $50 million

The above is intended to describe the general contents and requirements of work being performed by people assigned to this classification.  It is not intended to be construed as an exhaustive statement of all duties, responsibilities or skills of personnel so classified.


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