Research Fellow – Lee Lab

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The Center for Genomic Medicine (CGM), Massachusetts General Hospital / Department of Neurology, Harvard Medical School is seeking highly motivated post-doctoral fellows to study Huntington’s disease (HD) and other neurological disorders. The CBPHD program in the CGM focuses on understanding the underlying mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases and discovering genetic modifiers / rational treatments through integrated approaches combining genetics, genomics, computational biology, statistical modeling, machine learning, and systems biology tools. New hire will be appointed as a Research Fellow at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Post-Doc at the Harvard Medical School.


A new hire will be leading a collaborative research project aiming at testing novel genetics-based allele-specific CRISPR targeting strategies in vitro and in vivo. Focus research areas includes determining efficacy and specificity of newly developed personalized allele-specific CRISPR for HD and other disease (HMG, 2016, PMID: 27634650).


Primary research skills includes cell culture, general cloning, molecular analysis of CRISPR targeting, application of allele-specific CRISPR to model systems, and subsequent biochemical analysis and behavioral testing. This position is ideal for candidates who are interested in application of novel genetic knowledge to model systems aiming to determine the feasibility of personalized allele-specific CRISPR, and seeking an opportunity to interact with leaders in the fields in a uniquely dynamic environment. Individuals with experience in molecular cloning and analysis, iPS / neuronal cell culture, primary neuronal culture, streotaxic injection, mouse behavioral testing, and immunostaining are highly encouraged to apply. In addition, the successful candidate will have to demonstrate the ability to work collaboratively, excellent oral /written communication skills, strong problem-solving skills, and self-motivation.


Suitable candidates should hold a Ph.D. with education and training in genetics, molecular biology, and neuroscience.


1 year of experience after Ph.D. graduate school is preferred.


A new hire will be working in the Simches Research Building, which houses many collaborative research groups including the CBPHD program. The CBPHD program strongly supports and encourages publications and other academic activities for career development.

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